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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday in the Park

On our way home from the playground, we stopped to watch things happening in the park. Max was not very interested in the kickball game, but l-o-v-e-d to see the runners go by. Everytime one would pass us, Max would wiggle up and down on the bench and make lots of noise. They laughed and waved - I think some did extra laps just to see Max!

Baby Playground Time

After we had been on the swings for a bit, we went over to the baby playground to see what fun we could have there. We did not like riding on the rocking whale one BIT, but we did have fun on the frog: Then we played in the little house and Mommy tried to take an arty-like picture:
Then we explored in the tunnels. There was lots of mulch in the bottom of the tunnel, which Max liked to try to eat when I wasn't looking!

Swinging in the Sun

This afternoon, Max and Mommy went to the playground to try out some new things with the camera. We got some very cute pics of Max swinging and had to share!

A Southern Spring Dilema

It's February. SURELY it is too early to be sporting pastels and linen at church. But wait... its 84 degrees outside. SURELY its too dang hot to wear calendar-appropriate clothes! Max and Mommy spent some serious time debating, and decided that it was better to be comfy that correct. Boy are we glad we did! Of the 8 babies in the nursery, all but one had on pastel clothes. It was so cheerful! Max also came into big church for the first time for communion today. He did great! An 18-month old from his class sat in front of us, and he and Max played the whole time. Max would wave, and the boy would wave back and say 'baaaaa-beeeee'. They were entertaining our whole section!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Steppin' Up

Look at our little man trying to sneak up the stairs: If I look the other direction, maybe they won't see me trying to sneak up:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

More spring outdoor fun!

Here are some more cute pics of our afternoon in the sun. Vitamin D was good for us all!

Pack N Play.. Outside

It occured to us that we put lots of smile pictures up here, but not many of Max's multidude of other expressions. Here is one of his favorite faces to make: Aren't I a charmer?!

80 Degrees in February

Montgomery living does have its advantages! We spent lots of time playing outside this afternoon - it was 80 degrees out there. Max wore a new spring romper and was adorable, of course :)

Hotel Room Windows

Max liked to look out the window in our DC hotel. He spent lots of time watching the world go by below.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

More adventures

We do love to play in the tunnel!

Getting Creative

Max and Mommy made a valentine for Daddy last night. Max was not too sure if he was into it or not at first, but once he figured out he could make a mess with no fussing he had a pretty good time! Getting started: Figuring out how to bring his artistic vision to life:
I need more paint!
OK, I think I am about done now:
Post-project bathtime
Ian never checks the blog, so please don't mention our art project to him if you should chat or email until after Valentine's Day :)

Nap Time

Max is so sweet and peaceful when he sleeps. I snuck in to get some photos of him napping yesterday afternoon. He stayed up until almost 4 before he crashed!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dinner Time

Max tried chunky pears for dinner last night. It went pretty well. After he was tired of eating for real, he played with the bowl and ate some with his hands for a while. He's a cutie! He's also learned to smack his lips, and will copy other people when they do it. He had a good time at dinner!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

9 Months Old!

Oh me, oh my. Taking the monthly pic was significantly harder this month! We tried to do the green chair, but Max was way more interested in reaching for the door and dive-bombing off the edge of the chair! So we re-routed to the crib, which went much better.
As soon as we finished the photo shoot, we lowered the crib so Max can't fall out of it now that he knows how to pull up.


Max had squished up bananas for dinner last night for the first time. He really liked having fresh fruit! After he ate a good amount, I put the rest on his tray and let him feed himself. He ate some more, and had LOTS of fun squishing bananas in his hands! He has figured out the sippy cup! Two hands, the right end, and actual water coming out. Serious progress in the last week!