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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ocean City Fun

Max spent a lot of our time inside working on his book.  He is drawing the pictures and telling us what words to write so we can have a special book just for our family.
On our way home from dinner Saturday night, Max got a special treat - yogurt with sprinkles!
E had lots of fun playing in the sand.
While Max had a total ball digging in the dirt with his big shovel.  He kept saying 'this is really hard work!'

Mommy and Evelyn went for a walk on the beach while the boys played in the water and sand.

Max used the 'new sand' (dry sand) to clean his hands from the 'old sand' (wet).  He was very proud of his dedication to cleanliness.

We all enjoyed taking time to enjoy the sound and peace of the ocean.
E rocked my sunglasses.
Max and Daddy built this beautiful sand castle.  Evelyn and Mommy found a sparkly shell (Max says it came from an oyster) to decorate the top of the castle on their walk.  It would be fun to live there!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ocean City, day one

We got here just in time to hit the beach  pre-sunset. The kids love the sand and surf!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cabinet fun

E loves to pull all sorts of things out of the cabinets. She loves to explore!

Strolling Breakfast

The kids finished breakfast while we took a brisk morning stroll to enjoy the crisp weather. Don't let their serious eating faces fool you - there was lots of laughter on the way!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back to School and other fun

  • Max's first Back to School Night was last night.  Ian and I really enjoyed getting to hear from the teachers about the curriculum and checking out the classroom.  Max's photo is up as the example of what to do while in the Reading activity center, and he had several art projects on display.  Miss Joy said he is a very special boy, and that he and she have a special joke - he asks her to help him break his carrots in half at snack each day.
  • This morning over breakfast, Max wanted to hear every detail of what we heard and saw at Back to School.  He glowed when I told him Miss Joy and Miss Hilda said nice things about him, and was very excited to hear Daddy and I played with the rice-and-beans table and looked at the books.
  • Max had something on his thumb and needed help getting it off.  I asked him which finger it was and he said 'I don't know what it is called - the Thumbkin one.'
  • Max is feeling unwell today, with a bit of a sore throat and a 99.9 fever.  I made him a cup of warm tea to drink to make it feel better, and that has him feeling VERY grown up.  He also told me that he thinks he should rest today and read lots of books.  So we loaded up a GIANT bag with books for him to read while he drinks his warm tea today.  He's a funny, funny little man.
  • Evelyn has started to really express herself through her babbles.  She babbled to herself in bed this morning for quite a while, and Ian and I enjoyed following along as her babbles went from loud to soft to loud, and changed in intensity, speed and focus.  It was quite clear she was talking to herself - can't wait to find out about what!
  • This morning in the car, we played telephone.  E would make a babble, then I would repeat, then Max would copy me.  Then back to E to make the next sounds and start us again.  Both kids were giggling like crazy about it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Accessorize yourself!

E has glommed on to a purse and is rarely seen without it lately. At pickup today she was carrying the purse and pushing the lawn mower. A lady always looks her best!

Morning Exploring

There was LOTS to check out in the kitchen this morning after breakfast.  While Evelyn learned all about opening and closing the trash can, Max explored Daddy's shoe trees.  He thought it was very funny to bend the trees to make feet and legs for a big person.  We wondered what the rest of the person would look like, and WHAT he would be doing with his feet/legs missing!

Monday, September 23, 2013

GOOD morning!

We had two precious wonders this morning.  They were super-sweet and happy to chat today.  The last picture of Evelyn cracks me up - it looks like she is mid-dance like a little ballerina.