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Monday, August 31, 2020

Just like Super Mario Kart

Our one big outing (Covid vacations are WEIRD) was to go go-karting.  After a week of playing Mario Kart, it was hilarious to imagine ourselves as the characters racing around.  Evelyn was just barely big enough to have her own kart, which made for an awesome four-kart race.


More beach fun

Evelyn discovered that she actually LOVES the beach on our last full day at the water.  She's quite a surfer.


Pizza Party

The family was decidedly uninterested in Clue.  But we really liked the pizza party.  Poor Max had an ear infection and had to stay out of the water the last 3 days of our trip.


Rise and Shine!

Piper and I went for runs each morning on the beach to watch the sun come up.  It was amazing to see the red sun appear on the horizon.  Each kid joined Piper and me for a special walk one morning.


Beach Bums

Lots of time in the sand for Evelyn and the waves for Max.  Plus ice cream treats, discovering just how AWESOME Nintendo is, and lots of loving on Piper.


8 is GREAT

We had a very full day celebrating Evelyn's 8th birthday.  We started the day with presents from friends and family, enjoyed time at the beach, and rounded out the day with a Descendants-themed night, watching Descendants 3, eating Mexican food off of Descendants plates, and a Descendants ice cream cake to celebrate being EIGHT!