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Monday, February 27, 2023

Many hands make light work.

The kids joined me in hosting the reception after Presiding Bishop Curry preached on the 250th anniversary of Christ Church. From kitchen work to setting the table and working the clean up, they had a hand in everything.


Pet adventures

We headed to the animal shelter to learn about the challenges of adopting and needs for senior pets.


I see stars!

We had fun cheering on Evelyn's friends in the 5th/6th grade play - and at Dairy Godmother after!


Friday, February 24, 2023

Tricia's Eulogy for Francine

 Good afternoon. I’m Tricia Rosencranz, Frances’s youngest child. On behalf of my siblings,

Susan and Stephen, I thank you for being here today.

It’s an interesting process to speak briefly about someone who lived for almost 99 years. Do I

pick little personal stories—or does that make it too much about me and not enough about

moma? Do I just give a summary of her life’s journey? That seems too formal.

The more I thought about what to say, the more one descriptor came to mind. I had never seen

her this way, particularly, but now I am struck by how brave my mother was.

Think of the incredible bravery—the sheer guts it took—for her to go off and marry my father.

She was 18 and had never been more than 30 miles from home. She met Claude briefly (a

matter of weeks) and she got on a train alone and traveled for 3 days and 3 nights to go to

Oregon to marry him. She always said that the World War II years were the best time of her

life. She wanted a new adventurous life and she went and got it.

We had a rather traditional upbringing. Daddy worked and moma was in charge of the family.

We moved as Daddy climbed the corporate ladder. From Houston, to New York, to Nashville,

to Battle Creek, Michigan. Mother had no input in our moves. Each time she bravely faced

packing and leaving friends. In the new cities she had to get the kids settled in schools, find a

church, get involved in the community, make new friends. That’s a lot harder to do than it

sounds. She always had a stoic attitude and was absolutely pragmatic about it—and that’s


Of course, when Daddy died suddenly she was extremely courageous. Her life as she knew it

was over. Her children had all grown up and she was alone. Without self-pity or complaint, she

took herself to her Florida house and walked on the beach for a few months while she figured

out a new life plan. Then she picked up, moved to Knoxville and began her second life—which

lasted 45 years.

As you know, mother lived alone, without help, until this past September. Her vision and

hearing were poor and she could no longer drive. She did not complain. When I would ask her

if she wanted me to get helpers in to take care of the laundry or do the cooking, she always said

“I’m not there yet.” Or “ If they did that, then what would I have to do all day?” Every time I

would come to visit, something in the house would be re-arranged, it might just be a few

objects on a shelf or it might be the entire room was re-arranged. She didn’t give up on

life—she kept working to make her home fresh and beautiful. That’s real courage.

And, this fall when she was frail and had to move to assisted living, she went without complaint.

It wasn’t her first choice, but she accepted it and worked to make her new apartment her

home. Always stoic, always striving to stay active, always pragmatic, always optimistic —that’s


I am so appreciative of her strong will and positive attitude. You know she planted a dogwood

tree by herself at age 98. She said she got tired of waiting for someone to come dig the hole so

she did it herself. She said she put it by the window so she could watch it grow.

She was remarkable.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

They're ba-aaack


And After:

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

We started the day with Mardi Gras breakfast and a good read.

Then the ladies enjoyed pedis while Max went to baseball training.

Then Max slaved away at math homework while Evelyn worked on the piece de resistance, the King Cake.

And MOM found the baby, so she's Queen of the Universe for the year!


Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Steak House


Max, Charlie and Finn had a fun sleepover Saturday night, complete with a gourmet steak dinner.

Be My Valentine

Evelyn's class had a fun time playing silly games to celebrate love!


Monday, February 20, 2023

Happy Birthday, George!

The whole family headed to Old Town to celebrate George's birthday (and the 100th anniversary of the Masonic Temple) and watch the Troop in the parade. What a fun tradition for George's hometown!


24 hours in the life of Evelyn


Snuggled up




Moves like Jagger

The 7th grade boys pre-partied at Alex's house before the first middle school dance. Good looking group!


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Big Day

 Ian was by Senator Feinstein's side on the day she announced her retirement from the Senate.

And Mom got to swing by his office to check out the new swanky digs:

Monday Funday

Dad went back to work, while the rest of us enjoyed a last fun family day in Orlando.