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Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm confused, too

After a perfectly gorgeous day Saturday, and a rainy day yesterday, today it is just cold and gloomy.  It was back to pants and long sleeves as we started the day.

Sunday Funday

After church Sunday, we decided to go to the mall to run some errands.  It is much easier with two parents there!

My favorite part of the outing was Max's love of the escalators.  When we told him he got to go on the one in Macy's, he started saying 'boo-yeah' over and over again.  Not quite sure where he got that one, but it was cute!

Mother's Day Out

Ian headed to Charlottesville Saturday for an event at the law school, so Max and I were on our own.  We headed to the zoo to see the animals and had a great time!  We started by checking out the barn animals.  Max wanted an up-close view of the donkeys.
 Then it was time for snack.  Between the free parking for members and BYO food policy, the zoo is one of the best deals in town!
 He spotted the 'polar bears' and took off to give them a hug.
 The lions were swimming in the moat around their habitat.  It was VERY exciting.

 Then we saw a waterfall (or as Max calls it, rain).
 At another snack break, a mama duck and her ducklings crossed the street.
 We finally made it up to the elephants.

 And then we found the MOST exciting thing of all - a construction site!

 This was at a statue of a mom and baby elephant.  He was very intrigued and we looked at it for quite a while.

We were there for 4 hours and he was a champ through the whole day.  When we saw the orangutans, they were sitting beneath their 'jungle gym,' and after we watched for a couple of minutes, one swung himself up into a part of the climbing thing and took a nap.  Max thought it was SO FUNNY to have a NAP on the JUNGLE GYM.  He's still talking about it.


A friend gave Max several Richard Scarry books when he was born.  I keep them in my office to whip out on special occasions (plane rides, etc.) when he needs to be occupied.  Saturday morning, Max came in while I was looking something up and honed right in on the stack of books.  He grabbed one and then took off down the hall.  It was SO quiet in his room that I had to go see what was up.

He did not even want to leave for the zoo at first - it took a promise to read the whole book before naps to get him out the door.  This kiddo LOVES to read!

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day here this morning, and Max was in a very cheerful mood while we got ready to go outside.


Earlier this week, Max wanted to take his backpack to Maxie's house so he can go to school, too.  He wore his pack all over the house and Maria said he put lots of toys in it during the day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chilling with the Big Boys

Max made friends with some big boys at the playground last night.  I've been surprised by how nice upper-elementary boys are to him - and always much nicer/more interested than girls that age.  Anywho, Max had a tractor on his shirt and was very intent on telling them about it.
 He even pointed out the big wheels on his chest.
 Then he got down on their level to tell them about the circus.

 When that got old, he did a VERY big boy thing all by himself and climbed up to the top slide and came down on his own.  So exciting!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Splish Splash It's Hot Out Here!

It was in the 80s yesterday, so we got out the sprinkler and did some splashing.  Max really liked it and stayed in the spray for a long time.

 We had to make a quick Target run to get water shoes.  Max was pretty wary of them at first, but was glad he had them once he figured out his 'sneakers' were getting soaked!
 This face makes me laugh!