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Friday, September 28, 2012

Artist in Residence

Max has become quite the prolific artist these days!  These are his works from this week.  The one with the red star and googly eyes is the first art that has been 'something.'  It is (obviously) a fire truck.

Bathtub Invader

Max gave Evelyn a bath last night.  He was so excited to be able to do bath time with her (though her time in the tub was much, much shorter and involved much, much less splashing and many, many fewer toys than Max's!)

Can I play with Evelyn?

Max loves to play with, hold, kiss and generally be with Evelyn.  This morning, they were particularly cute together!

Monday, September 24, 2012

My baby sister

Max is very, very proud of his baby sister.  He likes to hold her all by himself and sings her a special song when she cries.  He is the sweetest!

Sunday morning chaos

Max and I took Evelyn to church on Sunday.  He did a good job showing her how to be quiet in Big Church, at least until he announced to the minister mid-communion that he is now a big brother.  At least she (and everyone else with us) laughed!  We tried to get a picture of us all looking nice before we left.  Oh, well...

Saturday Adventure

We had a busy, busy Saturday morning!  We started with breakfast at Eastern Market.  Then we strolled through the market and checked out all of the good things for sale.

 At the flea market part, Max made a great discovery - a bucket loader!  We spent a good half hour ooh-ing and aaah-ing over the bucket loader.


 Then we noticed a street fair nearby, and walked down to see it.  It was pretty spectacular!  We particularly enjoyed the cones,
 though they had nothing on the petting zoo!

 Of course, no adventure would be complete without getting to know your friendly neighborhood fire man.  These guys even let Max take the truck for a pretend drive!

Aunt Syd

Aunt Syd came to visit for a day.  It was so fun to see her!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Times

I took a shower today, while Evelyn and I were home alone, for the first time in FOUR WEEKS.  How was this feat possible?  The bouncy seat!  It's ba-aaack...
Also, fashionistas, be sure to appreciate the vintage Izod outfit.  Longtime blog readers will remember this was one of my baby outfits.  With the cooler temperatures this week, Evelyn is enjoying warmer looks!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Take your daughter to work day

I'm working a couple of hours each day through Oct 5 on a conference for the Pew Charitable Trusts.  Evelyn came with me to a meeting today, her first business event.  She wore an adorable dress and was the talk of the building!

Evelyn's "Playground"

Max likes Evelyn's playground quite a bit and is eager to show her all of the neat things about it.

 He also likes to show her his toys and teach her what they are.  He likes being the teacher!