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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

VBS Rocks!

Max is having so much fun at VBS!  He is really enjoying having a fun with friends and learning about church.  He is learning lots and making so many new friends.  His favorite part is the music at the beginning and end of the day.  You should see him rocking out!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Car Alarm

Somebody was being a goof when we got home Friday night!


Max was a rock start at VBS today.  He was SO excited about it and was high energy and focused on having fun with new friends.  He was adorable!

Saturday Adventure

We headed to Georgetown to explore on Saturday morning.  It was a great day for a stroll and a playground visit!

Baby Guacamole

Max ate a pear down to the core while Evelyn dove into baby guacamole for the first time.  It was yum-o!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Barrel of Laughs

All was very quiet on the stroll this morning, so I ran around front to check things out.  When I asked what they were doing, Max told me he was 'thinking about things,' and Evelyn blew me a kiss.  They are thoughtful little creatures!

Swimming Lesson Graduate

Last night was the last night of swimming lessons, and for the grand finale the kids got to go down the slide and jump off the diving board.  Max passed on the diving, but was excited to try out the slide.  He was very proud of himself for being brave, but he definitely did not like the fact that his whole body went under water at the bottom!

Monday, June 17, 2013


  • "Mom, Evelyn's all discombobulated.  She doesn't know WHAT she's doing!"
  • "What would you say if you saw a brachiosaurus flying?"
  • Pointing out the window of our plane while we circled over the Mall "Look, it's the car-and-bus-and-train museum.  AND the dinosaur museum!"  (for the record, he identified them correctly.  Amazed me).
  • "I want Mommy.  She's just a little bit better." 
  • We were playing 'basketball' outside last night.  Max would run up to Evelyn and me, and then try to throw the ball at my head while I tried to bat it away.  I was giving (hilarious) play-by-play, comparing Max to 'the good 'ole days of Magic and Jordan' and calling him 'the greatest ball player since Larry Byrd' and 'the grace of LeBron with the style of Pippin.'  And every time he would 'shoot,' I would say 'blocked by the defender at. the. BUZ-ZER!'  Max ran around this morning saying 'defender at. the. BUZ-ZER!'
  • We took Meleia with us to church yesterday.  She and Evelyn were blessed, while Max took communion.  When we sat down in the pew "why don't they get to eat funny crackers?  I LIKE funny crackers!"
  • Max is very into logos these days.  Everywhere we go "what does that logo mean?  why do they have the recycling truck logo?"
  • When Ian went in to get Evelyn this morning, Max had beat him there and was in her crib.  He was "checking the weather" (you can see the sky the best out of the windows in her room).
  • We talk a lot about the tone you use when you talk to people.  This morning, Max told me he does not like to hear "you go to time out.  right now!" and thinks I should say "please go to time out" with a nice tone.  I told him we'd give it a try and see how it works, but sometimes grownups have to use firm voices to get their point across.
  • Max is big-time into "I'm thiiiiir-sty" lately.  He thinks it is HILARIOUS if you say 'OK Thirsty, but I thought your name was Max!'

Mustang on the go 'til 2-triple-0!

She may not be a mighty mustang, but she is definitely on the go!

Father's Day

We celebrated Daddy with special shirts and a homemade card yesterday, as well as lots of extra cuddles and hugs.  What a special Daddy Max and Evelyn have!

 We rounded out the day by playing baby pool-fireman-dump truck for a couple of hours before bed.  Max LOVES to play anything that has to do with water!

First Slumber Party!

Meleia spent all day Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday through church with us.  It was so fun to have a best friend to play with all day!  We even went to a water park Saturday morning for an extra-fun adventure.  Max loved the climbing thing and the splash pad.  Meleia loved the sand box.

Sunday morning, the kids helped make pancakes.  They did a great job mixing the batter and sharing!

 Even Evelyn got to try some of the pancakes!

Mum-Mum Girl

Evelyn has been teething the last couple of weeks, and her bottom front teeth have officially broken through. While she doesn't have the crazy-drools that Max had, she DOES have a need to gnaw on something almost constantly.  We go through a lot of Mum-Mums these days!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sharing, sharing....

I went to the kids consignment store yesterday, and they had some fun baby toys on clearance.  I grabbed a couple for Evelyn, as she's in a stage where none of our existing toys hold her attention very long.  When we got home last night:

Max:  Evelyn got new baby toys!
Me: She sure did, what are they?
Max:  Evelyn got a post man thing and some letters.
Me:  Do you think she wants to play with them?
Max:  No.  I heard her say she wants to go in the Jumperoo.  
Then he proceeded to rip the post man stuff out of her hands and run to the other side of the room, where he contentedly played for about 30 minutes while dinner cooked.  In the meantime, Evelyn - who has been shrieked at mercilessly for even looking in the general direction of the train set for the last week or so - went all Godzilla on it.  Max did not bat an eye, so long as she did not look at 'her' new toys.

Fast forward to this morning:

Max:  Will you come play with Evelyn's new post man toy, Daddy?
Ian:  Sure Max, I'd love to.
Max:  Mommy, will you come play with Evelyn's new toy too?
Me:  Sure Max, let me just grab Evelyn and I'll be right there.
Max:  She doesn't want to play with it.  She wants to go in her Jumperoo.  I heard her say it.
Ian:  I think she wants to play with us, Max.
Max:  She DOESN'T!  I heard her say it, I heard her say she wants to go in her Jumperoo!  Don't you hear her saying it?

For the record, E did NOT want to be in the Jumperoo.  She wanted to play with the post man toy!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Swim Lessons

Last night was the first night of swim lessons.  We are already much happier with these lessons than we were with last year's program.  Max spent the whole time in the water and went from being very wary to being ready to go when the teachers took him out for a spin.

The big question is who will break it to Evelyn that this is just the first of many, many classes for big brother that she will have to sit through patiently.  It thundered right as Max's class ended, so she didn't even get to go in the pool.  But she was still the cutest baby there.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

3 years, 9 months

Both kids did great at the doctor this morning for their regular checkups.  Max was a little nervous at first, but once he realized he could play tricks on the doctor by asking if he had potatoes in his ears or frogs in his tummy he was a happy camper!  It was a big boy moment as well, because we got his first ever school physical.  Evelyn got one shot, which she did. not. like!

Evelyn is 44% head (17.25 in), 55% height (28 in), and 57% weight (18 lbs, 13 oz).

Max is 49% height (3' 1") and 44% weight (31.4 lbs).