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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BAD monkey!

Max's current mantra is 'I do it BY MYSELF.'  One thing he is NOT supposed to do is scramble up the changing table.  Clearly, he got busted this morning!

I put him in time out, and heard him scurrying around.  I was afraid he'd climbed back on the table, but he'd put himself on his bed and was staring at the ceiling.  As soon as I opened the door, he looked over and said 'I'm sorry Mommy, I love you.'  Such a sweetheart!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Pictures! No Pictures, Please!

Bossy Britches has been demanding that I not take his picture lately.  Silly goose doesn't seem to realize that's not going to happen.  So we're in a war of wills - he refuses to look at the camera, I refuse to stop clicking.  I think we all know how this will eventually shake out.

 And here are some of him on his big boy bed with his fancy car sheets.  He likes to point out all the different types of cars and trucks and make all the various noises.  AND the big boy bed has cured my won't-sleep-for-mommy problem.  All you have to do is say 'want to get in your big boy bed now?' and he flies across the room, flings himself onto the pillow, says 'I need my blanket.  I need my baby.  CD player, Mommy.  Night night.' and then goes to sleep (assuming, of course, you do all of the items he has requested).  I don't know how long it will last, but it sure is wonderful for now!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Two wild and crazy guys...

I had a pre-baby girls weekend this weekend, so Max and Daddy had a dudes weekend together.  They had a lot of fun!

Saturday morning, they headed to the park.  Once it got hot, they went to Hooray 4 Books for a storytime.  Max was not into storytime, but they did pick up One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, so it was not a total loss of a trip.  THEN they went to a local water park before finally heading home for lunch.  Post-naps, it was commissary, play time, dinner, bath and bed.  WHEW, what a day!

Sunday morning, they took the Metro downtown and walked around before coming back.  Max liked riding the train and going 'to the city.'  I got home at nap time, and we all went to a friend's house for dinner.  The friend had a dog named Rosie, which was not particularly popular with our little guy.  He was happy to pet her if her face was looking away from him, but one look in his direction and he'd have a complete come apart!

Sorry folks, no pics - Daddy doesn't do the camera - but we wanted to record the fun of the boys weekend for posterity!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Those su-um-er ni-IIIIIIIIghts...

We got a splash pool for the back yard, largely so Ian and I don't die of sunstroke while Max plays in the yard.  Max loves 'my water' and has lots of fun filling buckets and dumping them into the dump truck, using the hose and generally making a watery mess.  

He wants us to get in the pool with him, but only through the 'door'.  And you have to be prepared for a very adamant 'get OUT Daddy' when he's had enough and wants the whole pool back to himself.  

So far, this thing is the best $9.99 I've spent on a toy!

 And the post-playtime, post-shower, I'm cranky and need food NOW dinner pictures.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shop 'til you drop!

We went to Harris Teeter Sunday afternoon to pick up some fish and steaks for our Fathers Day cook out.  The best part was the teeny cart for Max to push.  He loved it!  He walked right up to the peaches, grabbed one, said 'we need peaches' and threw it (literally) in the cart.  

When we got to the checkout, he unloaded his cart and handed every item to the cashier to scan.  Such a good helper!

Big News!

Max slept in his big boy bed last night and stayed in it the whole night by himself!  He and Daddy did the regular bedtime routine, but instead of getting in the crib at the end, Max got in the bed.  He didn't make a peep (until the middle of the night, but hey, I'm not complaining) and went right to sleep.  He was very proud of himself this morning!

So after he left for Maria's this morning I took all of the last of the Max stuff (there wasn't much!) out of his old room.  We'll keep the door shut for the next two months and then, surprise, it will be a magical girl nursery.

Splish Splash

Between the water table and playing in the mud, Max made such a mess outside yesterday afternoon that we decided it would be better to do baths BEFORE dinner and then eat in our jommies.  Max told me 'that is very silly Mommy' but was very excited! He kept saying 'we don't eat DINNER in JOMMIES!' and then giggling like crazy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day Cruising

While the day started out much like any other (with a rousing game of fire man), it soon became a special Sunday adventure day!  We took a lunch cruise down the Potomac and had a great time.  It was the perfect, clear, 80-degree day that you just don't expect in June but sure do appreciate!

 Max got to wear a sticker on his hand on the cruise because he went pee pee in the potty.  We are so proud of him!

There are some funny Max things to record, to:

  • Friday was the ANG Readiness Center family picnic.  We went at lunchtime with Max, and he LOVED jumping in the bouncy house.  
  • Polite words are really taking off for him.  At the picnic, he walked up to the firefighter and said 'can I please have a fire hat?'  The fire man was very impressed!
  • He has funny ways of phrasing things.  Our current favorite is 'what is the sound of that?'  which means 'what was that sound?'
  • Max has figured out what kisses are!  He loves to attack our faces and give us lots of sloppy kisses!