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Monday, January 28, 2013

Play Pals

The kids and I hung out in the sun room for most of Sunday afternoon.  There were a LOT of fires and injuries for the fire men to address.

No words, just lots of cute :)

Play Date

Bella came for a play date on Saturday.  She and Max had lots of fun, and at lunch, Evelyn got in on the action too!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Art Show

Max has been busy being quite the artist lately!  

 In preschool, Unit Two is about feelings (or as Max calls them, faces).  They made masks this week to show what happy faces look like.
 Miss Doris is out of town, and Maxie made her a welcome home sign.  When Max saw what he was up to, he said 'I want to make something for Mommy and Daddy,' so Miss Reinalda helped him make us this beautiful card with foxes on it.

 He also made a train with Miss Reinalda, complete with cotton for smoke!

 On the second day of the 'All About Me' unit in preschool, they wrote their names with paint and sand.  Max's turned out very colorful!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snowy Day

Overnight, the world got a blanket of super powdery snow.  It was very exciting to make our way to the car this morning!

 I asked if Max wanted to make a snow angel, and he dropped right to the ground and went to work, no explanation needed.

 And here's the other snow angel, doubling as a carrier for Max's sneakers.  She seemed solidly underwhelmed by the weather excitement!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

For the Funny Files

  • Max took his first communion on Sunday.  As soon as he jumped off the kneeler, he looked up and said 'Mommy, I'm a grownup.  I ate a white cracker.'  It was precious!
  • During communion, I said 'ok, now dip your cracker in the cup' when the cup came by.  Max dropped his cracker right into the wine.  The guy scooped it out for us and Max ate it.  He has since reported that he only gets to eat juice on church crackers.
  • Today at preschool, he got great reviews!  Miss Kristen says he is acclimating to the classroom very well.  She says that he has something to say every time she asks a question, but that he waits patiently for his turn and listens well.
  • Other kids don't always listen as well, so today Miss Kristen asked Max what she should say to Hunter, who was not cooperating.  Apparently, Max turned around and said 'Hunter, come clean up this mess so we can have circle time.'  And Hunter listened.  
  • Max is in an unbelievably sweet phase right now.  He tells us 'You're my favorite grown up' regularly.  He's also told Ian several times since his work trip last week that 'I missed you while I was sleeping.'
  • He's discovered the joy of competition (Rosencranz genes at work!).  To get him moving at bedtime, the girls and boys 'race' each other.  You've never seen someone run upstairs faster than Max when he's racing Evelyn to bed.  It's super cute, because E and I will be in the rocker, lights off, and her almost asleep, and I'll hear Max telling Ian 'we're going to win because we're the BOYS!'
  • And (cue the Bryan genes) Max LOVES seafood.  At dinner last night, Ian ordered ceviche.  Max ate almost all of it, and kept saying 'can I have some more food that comes from the ocean?'  He asked for some whale, too!
  • Evelyn has been sleeping a little better.  Her routine these days is to go down between 7 and 8, sleep until 2, wake and nurse, then sleep until 4:30, wake and nurse, and then sleep until somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30.  She spends the last hour every morning asleep on my chest in bed so I can get some extra rest.  In the last few days, she has spent that hour chatting her head off.  She has a lot to say!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Ian and I went to the Texas State Society's Black Tie & Boots ball Saturday night.  It was lots of fun!

Pre-Inaugural Adventure

We headed out to the Dulles Air & Space Annex to avoid the pre-inaugural crowds downtown.  Based on our short trip into the district Sunday, it was a wiiiiiise move.  Max and Daddy went to see the IMAX called 'Air Racers.'  Max sat on Ian's lap the whole time, and sat still as a rock.  He held his hands over his ears for the first part of the movie, then grabbed Ian's hands and had him cover his ears for the rest of the time.
 Meanwhile, the girls checked out the space stuff and had a long talk about how humbling it must be to look back on Earth from the shuttle and realize just how tiny we really are.


One is the loneliest number that you'll ever see....
 But TWO are twice as nice!