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Monday, August 31, 2015

Funny things from Evelyn

  • Evelyn refers to Max as Maxton at all times.  She sounds just like I imagine my grandmother Nana would have when fussing at him about things.
  • The kids have worked out that Max was born first because 'I was in the top of your tummy and Max was in the bottom, so he was closer to your pagina.'  I almost wrecked the car when that came out of Evelyn's mouth.
  • Wherever Evelyn hears music, she dances.  In the car and at church, she'll say 'Mommy, my feets are dancing' in this very quiet, serious voice, and her whole body is still but her feet are going as if they have a mind of their own.
  • She names everything - dolls, puppies we see on the street, stuffed animals, imaginary friends, and everything else - Princess.  
  • When Evelyn is mad, she works hard to insult the target of her anger.  She purses her lips, furrows her brow, and you can just see her digging deep to find just the right word.  She pronounces 'you're a BABY' with such disgust and disdain that it is hard not to giggle.  She's also pretty good at revoking your invitation to her birthday party for serious offenses.
  • She loves to get one last hug-y and kiss-y before bed.  She's very good at keeping her word if you make her promise she will sleep after one last hug/kiss/water.