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Friday, November 11, 2016

Evelyn's Conference

Evelyn's teachers had wonderful things to say about her this morning.  She has blossomed since starting the school year.  She does her best work every time there is a project.  

She knows the rules and helps remind friends when they aren't following them.  She speaks with authority, answering with 'yes, I understand' instead of 'uh-huh.'  

She shares with the class, and comes to the front to sing regularly. She always knows the answer, and is getting bolder at raising her hand. 

She's writing her name without prompting now.  She'll start writing with lower-case letters after the holidays.

Mostly, they said Evelyn is a kind spirit who loves to learn and play.  She is a great addition to the Helping Hands and Miss Marcia and Miss Michael say she's on track for a great start to kindergarten next year!