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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Bobcats Everywhere, Throw Your Hands Up in the Air

We had a blast at Meet-the-Teacher.  Mrs. Komnik made 4th grade sound super-fun, and Mrs. McDonald, Ms. Johnson, and Mr. West are going to be a great 6th grade team.  Max and Max Burnett roamed the 3rd floor like the middle schoolers they are, while Evelyn and Emilie went down to check in on the little kids on the first floor.  Max got his full-length locker (locker #1!), and Evelyn got her first locker ever.  They'll get to decorate lockers during the first week of school.  We even got to meet the new librarian, whose two favorite stories are Harry Potter and Star Wars.  As Evelyn put it, "I think you're going to like our family."

There were Covid tests for all the kids and teachers which were an almost non-event - a nice change of pace.  Stop by uniform exchange, the after care table, sign up for cross country, get a Covid test, pick up the school calendar and directory, and we're back in business for an almost-normal school year.  One last summer lunch at Glory Days, and we're in the final hours of summer break.  Can't wait to hear the bell ring tomorrow morning!