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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

8th Grade Awards

Jenny Herre Cross Curricular Award 

It is my honor and privilege to present the Jenny Herre Cross Curricular Award. This award recognizes a student who consistently makes deep and insightful connections across units of study, between multiple disciplines, and to the real world. 

This year's recipient of the Jenny Herre Cross Curricular Award is someone who truly embodies the spirit of interdisciplinary learning and global awareness. Throughout their time in middle school, this student has continuously sought to explore connections in all their forms, bridging the gaps between multiple disciplines, and applying their knowledge to real-world contexts. 

This student has exhibited a remarkable ability to think critically, analyze complex concepts, and make meaningful connections. In history class, Mr. Girard describes this year’s winner as having, “[a] unique ability to recall facts related to social studies, [which] often lead to amusing and interesting class discussions. However, his true talent, usually unseen by his classmates, is his writing. When he takes the time to defend an argument, summarize a cause-and-effect relationship, or tell a story, the impact is profound. As a teacher, you might find yourself transported to a college-level essay, marveling at the clarity, thoughtfulness, and creativity of his writing.”

Additionally, in Language Arts, Ms. Olsen said that this student “has been creating cross-curricular connections in his writing throughout his humanities work at ACDS—whether that’s been connecting Star Wars to the dictatorships in WWII or contextualizing Lord of the Flies by framing the boys on the island as traditional British colonizers who damage the environment and engineer corrupt governance. His ongoing commitment to positioning new information in the context of everything that’s come before makes him an energetic student, capable of crossing curricular boundaries with a single leap.” 

It is clear that this student has a sharp mind and strong academic skills. It has been wonderful to witness the growth this student has made during his time at ACDS. Just keep giving your best and I’m confident you will achieve any goal you set for yourself. We believe in you and we can’t wait to see what your future holds. 

Without further ado, it is my honor to present the Jenny Herre Cross Curricular Award to Max Bryan.