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Friday, November 20, 2020

Story Time


Written by the bestselling author himself, Max Bryan

It was a warm February day at Walt Disney world. My family and I were sitting at the outdoor café.

 “Hey, look at that mountain!” My dad said. It was a massive roller coaster that looked like a mountain. “I wonder what it’s called,'' my dad said. “I googled it and it says Expedition Everest” my mom answered.

“Let’s ride it!” I said with enthusiasm. So far today I had not seen many big roller coasters but this one looked AWESOME.

 But when we got closer I noticed several things I hadn’t before. All of the sudden one of the drops looked a lot steeper, and the roller coaster looked even more massive than it had from farther away.

I thought “Actually, I don’t know if we should ride this.” By now I was very nervous. I started feeling drops of sweat on my head.

 Then I remembered something that my friend Ben had said all to me when I was in kindergarten. “Expedition Everest is definitely the scariest ride at Disney world.” he had said.

 Generally roller coasters were not too scary, but this was the scariest roller coaster I had ever seen. Even scarier than twisted timbers at kings' dominion.

 I noticed my dad was gone and I asked my mom “where did dad go?”. She said “Dad went to get tickets for that roller coaster because you said you wanted to ride it.”

 “Oh no! I thought. When my dad got back I told him how nervous I was.

 “Well I already bought the tickets so you will have to come.” he said.

 Then we joined the already long line for the ride. Finally it was our turn. “Next!” The lady operating the ride called. We got onto the roller coaster in a seat near the front. We got buckled in our seats and waited for the ride to start. My feet shifted around nervously below my seat.

“You can’t get off now!” my dad says, stating the obvious.

 A few seconds later I heard a loud thud and then the ride started moving up the rickety rails slowly until it was so high up that I dared not look down.

 I decided to look down and see how high up we were. I instantly regretted looking down. We were at least 350 feet in the air and I have learned from experience that whenever a roller coaster goes up it always goes down, which meant we’d be plummeting at least 200 feet. Also, I didn’t like imagining what would happen to me if the track broke and I fell. I looked up at the gradually approaching mountain.

 We were approaching the top of the mountain and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. We got to the top and then I was shocked to see that the track had been broken.

 “Oh no this isn't happening!” I said with a hint of terror in my voice. Then I noticed that the track looked like it had been bent as a part of the ride. “Phew!” I thought. No sooner had I thought this than the ride shot backward down the side of the mountain at the steepest incline I had ever seen on a roller coaster. To top it off, we were riding backwards with our little roller coaster carts facing the other way, so we couldn’t even see where we were going, which is why I found myself screaming uncontrollably.

Gravity was yanking my body down into the seat and wind whipped against my face as the roller coaster sped down toward the ground. Then, at the last second it shot back upward and into the mountain.

Then, the ride stopped and I heard a growling noise. “There is a freaking wolf on the roller coaster!” I thought. Then I saw this massive shape. It looked a lot like a yeti. Then I realized “ Yetis aren’t real so that must be a part of the ride!”. As soon as I realized that the ride jolted forward right in between the yetis legs and down the other side of the ride.

 Then it curved and I could see the whole animal kingdom below me. “I don’t want to get off!” I said, replying to what my dad said earlier. The view was amazing. I could even see people that were almost as small as ants. This was one of the best rides I had ever been on!

 Just as I was getting used to the roller coaster and having fun it turned sharply and then shot downward. Then, it turned sharply and jerked to a halt at the end of the ride. As I stepped out I thought “That wasn’t so bad!” with relief. It was actually pretty fun. In fact, the worst part was actually the anticipation and not the ride.

 My dad must have seen me smile because he said “I told you it wouldn’t be so bad.” “Um, no you didn’t” I replied. But he had a point. Once I stopped worrying I actually started enjoying myself. If there was one thing I learned that day it was sometimes you just have to get it over with.