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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Day Three - Hollywood Studios

Day Three is when the wheels started to come off the bus. Evelyn felt terrible in the morning, so the boys hit Hollywood Studios. She rallied for a quick afternoon dip before storms closed the pool, and we headed back to Hollywood Studios. Max had his dream day, getting to ride Star Tours and Rise of Skywalker twice (the second time in Chewy's seat!), Tower of Terror twice, Rockin' Roller Coaster, try blue milk, and roam around Star Wars world for a long time. It is his new favorite park!

Evelyn enjoyed the Muppet Show and some shopping but generally found Hollywood Studios to be less exciting.

At dinner, Evelyn fell asleep in the booth before we got our appetizers. She slept through the meal, as did another young girl in a pink raincoat with curly hair at the next table. The waiter said it happens a lot. She was back to full steam ahead and enjoyed her dinner from its doggy bag as soon as we got back to the room!