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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Day One - Flights and Venice

We headed off to Venice on Friday evening at 6. It was exciting to be at Dulles Airport for the first time in... 6 years. We enjoyed the Air France experience and even managed to get a few minutes of rest in the middle of the night.

We had a quick layover in Paris, where we admired the birds flying in the terminal and enjoyed delicious croissants. A croissant in the Paris airport is infinitely better than a croissant at a fancy American bakery. Annoying but true. Then it was off to VENICE for the first stop of our trip. The kids sat together in front of us for the flight.

We were worn out but ready when we got to Venice.

The trip from the airport was exciting, with a half hour in a water taxi. The view was beautiful coming up to the city and was absolutely stunning when we came around the corner and first glimpsed the beauty of the Grand Canal.

The taxi pulled up in front of the hotel, and our room had two giant windows that looked right over it. The sights and sounds were incredible.

We headed out to explore the city, getting lost along the way on the twisty streets. We found the Rialto Bridge and the main square, and enjoyed delicious gelato.

After showers and a quick change, we headed out to the hotel porch for cocktail hour. We made friends with Mr. Pigeon, whose cousins spotted us throughout the vacation.

We headed off to find Italian food for dinner, a pretty simple task in... Italy. Pizza, pasta, and lasagna - delicious!

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel before water taxiing to the cruise terminal, where we caught a bus to the Trieste terminal for our departure.