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Wednesday, September 7, 2022



Somehow, our Ephesus day photos loaded backwards. So we'll start at the end and work forward.

Ephesus was our first stop in Turkey, and our first day with a private guide. It was helpful to have someone put thousands of years of history, war, arts, exploration, technology, community and culture into context. Even with one-on-four instruction, it was still a LOT to take in. My overall impression of Turkey is the word "more." More of everything - culture, people, history, food, cities, pressure, opportunity, beauty - it was a lot to take in.

By the end of the day, the kids made NO bones about the hilarious finds in the turkish delight gift shop.

Behind us is the theater where Saint Paul addressed the Ephesians on his visit after he wrote them the letters better known as... the Book of Ephesians.

The road past the theater to the water was lined with columns that would have fronted some of the largest homes.

This was the third-largest library in the Ancient world, following Alexandria and I-forget-where. The facade is beautifully preserved and striking.

Evelyn in front of one of the shop stalls along the main street in Ephesus.

Before visiting the ancient city, we went to the Shrine of Mother Mary, where it is believed the Virgin Mary lived out her last days and died. After visiting the chapel, we splashed our faces with water from the spring under her home.

We visited a pottery studio, where they have thrown pottery for seven generations. The kids got to take a turn on the wheel, making a fruit bowl (Evelyn) and cereal bowl (Max).

We started our time in Ephesus on the hill where Saint John (author of Revelations, not John of the book-of-John or John the Baptist) is buried. 

Max and I took a trip through the baptismal font used during the age of Justinian. You enter from the side facing the sea and exit towards the burial place of Saint John.