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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Olympic Dreams

Ian's leg was bothering him, so after discovering crepes for breakfast (WOOHOO!), the kids and I headed for Olympia.

We started at the museum, where for some reason we got really into taking photos with Nike.

Then we walked over to the site of the original Olympic Games. Never before have I said, 'oooh, look - that's where the wrestling school was. Y'all get over there and wrestle' at a historic site. But we take our reenacting seriously and they went for it.

Then we visited the workshop of the artist who made the giant Zeus for Olympia (the same artist made the giant Athena for the Parthenon a few years before coming to do Zeus).

This olive tree grows on the same spot where the olive tree used for crowns for the original Olympic champions grew.

Then we headed to the stadium, where we lined up on the original starting blocks and ran the full 640 meters of the original track. Amazing experience.

We walked through the tunnel (well, remains of the tunnel) that Olympic competitors would have walked through to reach the stadium, complete with locker-like cubbies in the wall.

We took champion photos at the base of the steps where the champions would be crowned.

And saw Hera's temple, where the Olympic torch is lit every 4 years today.

Then we enjoyed frozen lemonade because Olympics are hard, Olympia got hot, and YOLO.

Some quick souvenir shopping...

...and then we returned to Kortokula, where we met Ian for lunch and shopping before scurrying onto the boat at the last minute.

Swimming and relaxing to cool off before hanging with the stuffies.

Then it was cocktail hour and time for dinner before a relaxing night watching HGTV and Guy Fieri before bed.